Our commitments

Social and environmental performances 

To offer surfers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional surfboards and enable them to reconnect with their playground, the ocean, we've totally rethought the way surfboards are made, relying on large-format 3D printing and bio-composite materials.


To minimize the impact of our products on the environment, we are working on several levers:

. The materials that make up our boards are biosourced or recycled from plastic waste, recyclable and energy-efficient to extract and manufacture. This choice enables us to protect the health of our employees by limiting their exposure to toxic, allergenic and carcinogenic products.

. The local sourcing of raw materials and our ability to manufacture our boards close to where they are used enable us to reduce transport-related greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible.

. Additive manufacturing enables us to use only the strict quantity of material needed to manufacture the boards, thus considerably reducing waste production.


. We make every effort to recycle our boards at the end of their life cycle, and to reclaim the materials from which they are made.

yuyo sustainability

Finally, we have designed a workshop that is both modern and sustainable, adapted to our innovative manufacturing process. Each area is designed to optimize working conditions: temperature and humidity control, ventilation and air extraction, and lighting. In addition to the traditional protective measures (gloves, goggles, masks, helmets), we have also replaced the acetone usually used to clean tools - a toxic and highly volatile solvent - with a more environmentally-friendly substitute that is less dangerous for humans.