YUYO's concept

3D printed sustainable surfboards

Yuyo, natural surfboards from romain paul on Vimeo.


As surfers, the ocean is our playground. If we want our children and future generations to be able to continue surfing, we must respect and protect this natural environment. Yet, despite a few local initiatives, the surfboards we use are still too polluting, non-recyclable and toxic for the marine environment. This is the surfer's paradox. Today, thanks to the evolution of bio-composite materials and large-format 3D printing, we have developed sustainable surfboards made from natural or recycled materials: YUYO.

Minimal environmental impact

Additive manufacturing enables us to responsibly produce customized boards on demand, helping to preserve aquatic ecosystems. Using natural or recycled materials, producing less waste, protecting shapers' health and sourcing raw materials locally are all levers that enable us to minimize the impact of our boards on the environment.

Focus on performance 

Beyond its environmental benefits, additive manufacturing enables us to go further in surfboard design in two key dimensions: ultra-customization and performance research. In fact, unlike a conventional block of foam, which is a mono-material block, thanks to topological optimization, we are able to distribute the material as we wish, and thus define the board's specific performance in its structural design: flexibility, responsiveness, balance...

Creating the future of surfing, with you!

Convinced that in a few years' time, the entire surfing industry will be turning to sustainable practices, we are pioneering this approach to help reconcile surfers with nature and resolve this historic paradox.

Yuyo natural surfboard manufacturing process from romain paul on Vimeo.

With this vision in mind, we believe in three essential values:

Innovation: at the heart of the company's DNA, challenging ourselves is our credo, through ongoing research to optimize materials, technologies, alloys, manufacturing processes...

Respect: for the environment, for our fellow man, for our work.

Passion: doing what you love and finding pleasure in it means doing it well, but not only that. It's also a form of therapy, a form of meditation, a way to feel good and be healthy.