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Yuyo, the first sustainable 3D printed surfboards

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New generation surfboards


Johanne Defay

Current WSL world n°2

"This board is a pleasant
surprise, it goes just where
you want it to"

Stéphane Iralour

French big wave surfer and
pioneer at Belharra

"This technology deserves to
be supported in order to
improve the environmental
impact of boardsports"

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PV Laborde

Open 2017 France champion

"I was surprised by the board's weight, but in fact, in the water you don't feel it as much at all. It rides well, pretty fast. I like the rails, which make it easy to move from one rail to another. It's more my tube and carve board, with good sensations on it!"

Gautier Garanx

Winner of the Billabong
XXL Awards 2014 and owner of
Pulse Surf Coaching

"A board that behaves very
well, really playful, I was
surprised by the speed it
generates in the wave !"

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Gwendal Halna du Fretay

World Handi surf vice champion du monde

"YUYO is a new way of designing boards that are more environmentally friendly without sacrificing performance. This brand offers great perspectives for the future of surfing, and could also make surfing more accessible to the disabled. 

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PV Laborde in the tube with his YUYO Mahi Mahi

A unique, innovative and sustainable process

Additive manufacturing enables us to produce custom surfboards sustainably and on demand, which helps to preserve aquatic ecosystems. Using natural or recycled materials, producing less waste, protecting the health of shapers and sourcing raw materials locally are all levers that enable us to minimize the impact of our boards on the environment. By combining 3D printing of plastic waste and biocomposite lamination, we address two of the major environmental issues of our time: plastic pollution and dependence on oil-derivative products.

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