Surfing the Mediterranean Sea

Usually considered as fussy and inconsistent, the mediterranean waves have been rediscovered these last years, partly thanks to more and more accurate forecasts. Uncrowded lineups and passionate surfers, here is our selection of movies that show the beauty, secrecy and wildness of mediterranean surfing.

Beautiful shots of our home spots and mediterranean riders by Jeremi Stadler

Pauline Ado experiencing the mediterranean vibes

A glimpse of Sardinian waves with Marlon Lipke and Marc Lacomare

Big swell and epic session for the pukas team in Barcelona back in 2013

Nicolas Hervo (Manipura) and Joseph Donnat present the surfing scene of La Ciotat

Bella Vita - Chris Del Moro go on a pilgrimage back to his ancestral homeland, to explore the waves of the Italian coast line.


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