Blutopia, pour un océan sans plastique !

350 million tons of plastic are produced yearly. Once a great invention, plastic is now invading the oceans and threatening biodiversity. Malaury and Julien are the creators of Blutopia, an organization promoting solutions to rid the ocean of plastics. Their goal is to raise awareness about plastic pollution. These two ocean lovers and passionate travelers want to show the world that each of us has the power to make things change, right now in our own local areas.

They just launched a crowdfunding campaign called The Blutopia Tour which consists in a journey through South-East Asia and Australia to meet people making a difference towards a greener and plastic-free ocean. All along their trip they intend to meet local activists in order to create a web series to be broadcast on their return.

Deeply concerned by plastic pollution in the ocean, all of us at Yuyo support their inspiring initiative. Let’s help them reach their goal for greener shades of blue :) 

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