FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What is an eco designed surfboard ?

Yuyo surfboards are made out of biosourced or recycled material. In order to achieve this, we have completely rethought the way we make surfboards. We have replaced expanded polystyrene and polyurethane foam, of which regular boards’ inner structure are usually made, by bioplastic or PLA (Polylactic Acid). PLA is a biosourced polymer of plant origin obtained by fermenting corn starch. We also use recycled PET, made of recycled plastic waste. We have then replaced fiberglass and petrochemical resins by natural fibers and biosourced plant based resins. Getting rid of almost any petroleum based material enables us to reduce to the maximum the impact of our boards on the environment and especially on marine and subaquatic life. We have analyzed the life cycle of the materials we use to ensure their environmental performance and to consider recycling our boards at the end of their life and reusing materials.

Is a Yuyo surfboard as strong and performing as a regular board ?

In order to design high-performance and resistant boards, we collaborated with the materials laboratory of the École des Mines d'Alès: materials analysis, laboratory-tested specimens, 3D modelling, stress simulations, mechanical performance characterization. Feel free to contact our research and development department to learn more about the results. Regarding performance, you will experience very similar feelings as with a traditional surfboard : flow, flexibility, reactivity… Our team riders are continually testing the different models and we adapt the design of our boards according to their feedbacks. Though, when ordering a surfboard, feel free to contact us for any specific demand on shape, proportions, lines…

What makes Yuyo manufacturing process sustainable ?

We use natural or recycled raw materials which production is very low energy consuming. We source most of those products locally from our partner suppliers and manufacture close to the practice areas to limit the emission of greenhouse effect gazes due to transportation. Thanks to 3D printing, we reduce considerably the volume of waste that we produce. As opposed to traditional CNC cutting machines, additive manufacturing only uses the amount of material that makes up the board. We also preserve the shapers’ health in reducing their exposure to toxic, allergen and cancerigen substances. At our workshop, we have set up all the best practices we could to improve the working conditions : air ventilation and extraction, use of protective tools and wearables, sound isolation, temperature and humidity control...


Can I customize my Yuyo surfboard ?

We let you choose between three different surfboard models Grouper (retro fish), Trevally (shortboard) and Marlin (mini malibu). We will add to our website in the coming months an online configurator in order to customize your Yuyo surfboard. In the meantime, should you want to add specific design elements to your personal Paradox surfboard, please contact our production team and we’ll find out together how to meet your needs.


Is payment on yuyo.surf secure ?

On our website yuyo.surf you can choose between three different means of payment : credit card, check or money transfer. Your order is validated once the payment has been processed. In case of payment by check, your order is validated once we have received your check. In case of payment by credit card, we accept all french and international CB, Visa and Mastercards. When you pay for for your order, you stay on our webshop without being redirected to another website. To avoid any risk of fraud, we use the 3D-secure system. You receive automatically by email notifications and confirmations regarding your order and payment.


I ordered a board at yuyo.surf : where is it ?

Our boards are shipped within 12 working days after your order has been validated, which means after your payment has been processed. You can follow the evolution of your order whenever you want on “Your account” section on yuyo.surf website. Once your board is taken over by our carrier, you can track your parcel thanks to the link we send to you by email. Feel free to contact us for any query query.


My board is defective, how can I return it ?

Despite the special care of our carrier and logistic partners, if your board arrived damaged at your shipping address, we ask you to refuse the parcel when being delivered. Once the damages have been confirmed, we will send you a new identical board as soon as possible. In case you start using your board and you notice a manufacturing defect within 15 days following the reception of the board, we ask you to please send us back the surfboard at the sender’s address written on the delivery note. Once the defect confirmed by our team, the shipping expenses will be refunded and we will send you a new identical board as soon as possible. Please check out our terms and conditions for more detail.


My Yuyo surfboard is damaged : how can I get it repaired ?

If your surfboard purchased at yuyo.surf webshop is damaged, we can take care of the repair. In such a case we ask you to fill in our contact form with “repair” in the subject line. We would then send you a custom sized sustainable cardboard packaging for you to send us back your board safely and easily. Once we receive your board, we would send you an estimated quote for the repairs including parts, labor and shipping. We charge repairs at cost price only (no extra margin). Once your board is repaired, we will send it back to you, ready for surf ! The duration of the repair might change according to the extent of the damage but we commit ourselves to delivering your board back within 12 working days at last. In case we find out that your board cannot be repaired, we can take care of it's destruction in order to recycle its components. We can also send you back the board if you prefer.