Complementary skills


Romain PAUL - project owner

After about ten years working in advertising and webmarketing, Romain decided to dedicate himself to what's been in his mind for a few years now : design, manufacture and sell natural surfboards. Having worked as account manager for renowned advertising agencies throughout the world and adept of Agile methods and collaborative work, he acquired strong skills in customer experience and marketing automation these last 3 years working as marketing executive at Exaprint.

Key skills :

shaper for 10 years
passionate surfer since the age of 8
brand strategy and activation specialist


Thibault MALLET - logistics, storage, shipment

After his bachelor degree in Sport science, Thibault started working in the sports business and then completed his education with a Master at Montpellier Business School to acquire strong entrepreneurship skills. After 8 years as product manager at Exaprint, he is now at the head of a workshop and a logistics platform, dedicated to direct marketing and e-commerce.

Key skills :

e-commerce production workflows management
experienced entrepreneur
passionate surfer


- IT

Agilitation is a young software edition studio with offices at Cap Omega, Montpellier, but it is above all an incredible thinktank. Led by Romain Bessuges and Laurent Thomas, they are specialized in developing innovative solutions for e-commerce.

Key skills :

web interface and application development
artistic direction
passionate athletes