Yuyo, natural surfboards

There are 35 million surfers on earth, and the ocean is our playground.

We have to preserve this natural habitat if we want to continue enjoying the surf we chase and the waves we ride.

Yet most of the surfboards that we use are still pollutive, non-recyclable and particularly toxic to ocean life. This is the surfer’s paradox.

But today, thanks to large format 3D printing and biocomposite materials, we have developed a new kind of natural surfboard, made of biosourced or recycled materials.

We completely rethought how to build surfboards and made them as sustainable as possible. We can now produce custom, on-demand boards that are as performant as conventional surfboards and help to preserve marine ecosystems.

We leverage natural and recycled components that are locally sourced, minimize manufacturing waste and protect shapers' health in order to dramatically reduce the impact of our products on the environment.

Let’s get along with the ocean again !

All of us at YUYO share this vision and believe in three essential values :

Innovation : at the heart of our company. We constantly question ourselves to improve materials, processes, products, services...

Respect : of the environment, of our pairs, of the job

Passion : do what you love makes you do it better but it is also a way to feel good, a kind of therapy to keep you healthy.