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Sustainable surfing

sustainable initiatives in the surf industry

  • Let's recycle medical waste!
    Let's recycle medical waste!
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    Did you know that a hospital generates more plastic waste than an entire city? That's why at Yuyo we decided to recycle medical waste to produce our surfboards.

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  • Green Initiatives Day by Midi Libre
    Green Initiatives Day by Midi Libre
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    Midi Libre is holding its first edition of Green Initiatives Day on Wednesday, December 11, an event that highlights the many ideas and achievements of citizens in favour of the planet. From 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., at the newspaper's headquarters in Saint-Jean-de-Védas, conferences, pitchs, workshops and activities to meet, exchange and share experiences.

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  • Yuyo Boardtest avec Gautier Garanx
    Yuyo Boardtest avec Gautier Garanx
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    Cette semaine, nous avons mis nos planches dans les mains du Big Wave surfeur Gautier Garanx, vainqueur du Billabong XXL Award en 2014 pour la plus grande vague surfée cette année là... à Belharra dans le Pays Basque. Voici son témoignage en video.  

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  • #StopTrashingWaves !
    #StopTrashingWaves !
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    Last Saturday was World Ocean Day and in two days time will be International Surfing Day (ISD). This is an opportunity to take stock of the progress made in terms of eco-responsibility in the world of professional surfing. And it couldn't be better, since WSL (World Surf League) has just announced a series of commitments for the 2019/2020 season to protect the environment and more particularly the marine environment. 

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  • La Green Session, the concept store for sustainable surfwear
    La Green Session, the concept store for sustainable surfwear
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    Today we talk about Vincent and Pierre, two passionate and committed kitesurfers. Together they created La Green Session, an eco-friendly surfshop that identifies brands that focus on the environmental and social performance of their business, just like them.

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  • Yuyo's preorders, how does it work ?
    Yuyo's preorders, how does it work ?
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    Do you want to be the first to surf 3D printed boards made of natural materials? Ecological boards made with the latest technologies? You're right and the good news is that it's now possible: the very first models of Yuyo ecological surfboards are available in pre-order! 

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  • Committed entrepreneurs challenge
    Committed entrepreneurs challenge
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    The year 2019 has started with a big news for Yuyo : we won the challenge called « osons les entrepreneurs engagés », set up by Airdie and the Métropole Montpellier Méditerranée. This challenge is meant to reward entrepreneurs who are committed through their activity to have a positive impact on society. 

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  • Eco-friendly surfing is possible !
    Eco-friendly surfing is possible !
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    Environmental awareness in the surf industry is on the rise ! The number of sustainable actors is increasing and we are loving it ! We can now forget about our polluting practices and toxic equipment and make surfing great again :) Here is our selection of sustainable surf related products, made of biosourced or recycled materials and aimed at reducing our impact on the environment :

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